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Educational Technologies in eHealth

SoSe 2012

Modulbereich: M-MA-31 (alt: M-107)

VAK: 03-06-H-522.00

Termin: Dienstags 12-14 p.m.

Raum: MZH 6340

CP: 6


Mandatory preparatory course for the next winter terms master project.

This seminar deals with the use of educational technologies for health education and health literacy. We will discuss both the advantages and disadvantages of using technology for education and its impact on the field of health care. Additionally, you will learn about the use of information technology in health environments as well as project management.
This course will prepare you for the upcoming master project by creating a theoretical baseline as well as generating ideas for potential goals of the project.

During the seminar, you will…





Prof. Dr. Andreas Breiter
Dipl.-Inf. Angelina Lange
M.Sc. Jan Broer
M.A. Dorothee Meier