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Gamification and Game Studies

SoSe 2013

Modulbereich: ME-804 bzw. M-MA-2

VAK: 03-ME-804.99k

Termin: Mo 08-10

Raum: MZH 1090

CP: 4

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Applications that employ gamification – the use of game design elements in non-game contexts – have found their way into the spotlight of many a (digital) life. Foursquare, Nike+, and FoldIt are just a few commonly known examples of this trend. This seminar deals with the creation of an understanding the underlying principles of such applications, starting with the question of what makes a game, what makes games engaging, and finally how those approaches can be used to make non-game applications engaging as well. Students will learn about classics in game studies as well as state of the art research in gamification - from Huinzinga and Caillois via Crawford and Juul on towards McGonigal and Deterding. Aside from traditional seminar talks and discussions, students will get the chance to either implement their own gamified application or to research existing works and evaluate them.

An additional 2 ECTS can be earned by completing a complementary independent study.



M.Sc. Jan Broer