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Seminar "E-Government 2030"

WiSe 2016/17

Module: ME-805.01

VAK: 03-ME-805.01



CP: 6

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The goal of this seminar is to develop a roadmap for the European and German e-government of the future. Therefore you will:

  • develop an innovative solution to a crucial problem in the public sector
  • apply creative methods such as design thinking
  • collect information via expert interviews
  • collaborate virtually with your team member


Welcome to the seminar “E-Government 2030”!

In recent years, many e-government strategies have been launched by ministries and public administrations with the aim to bring the digitisation of the public sector to a success. However, if we look around, e-government in Germany lacks far behind – both compared to international benchmarks as well as to e-business. Thus, we are looking for a new, innovative approach for making e-government ready for the future. That’s what this seminar is about.

The seminar “E-Government 2030” aims at designing creative ideas for citizens, businesses and public administrations that look beyond the traditional bureaucratic structures. Together with students from the University of Münster, you will work in joint teams to find unconventional solutions to topics such as “How does the government office of the future look like?”, “How does e-participation have to be designed to make a real contribution?” or “How will the interaction between businesses and public administrations work in the future?”

Your goal will be to develop a roadmap for the European and German e-government of the future by considering the different perspectives of citizens, businesses as well as public administrations.


You will work in pairs with a student from Münster each. There will be a joint kick-off meeting on the 26th October in Bremen where we will present creative methods such as design thinking, give an introduction to e-government in Germany and you will form your teams. At the end of the semester, we will have a final presentation in Münster. In the meantime, the collaboration will take place virtually.

The number of participants is limited to 12 students. Since you will be working in teams of two, your team member is dependent on your contribution. Therefore, when choosing this course, please be aware that we rely on your participation. If you would like to take part in “E-Government 2030”, please contact sara.hofmann[at]


Prof. Dr. Sara Hofmann

Mariem Ben Rehouma, M. Sc.